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Products: Process Equipment

sputter deposition system NanoTorr High Vacuum Sputtering Deposition System

The NanoTorr Series is a high vacuum magnetron sputtering system that allows multiple materials to be sputtered on several substrates at one passing. The NanoTorr Series is a highly customizable, flexible and efficient tool for thin film coating applications. Standard system is equipped with 8 sputtering cathodes.

ion beam etching system SpinIE Ion Beam Etching System

The SpinIE is equipped with a Veeco ion beam source and controller, and a sophisticated water-cooled substrate holder. It provides precise surface treatment and etching depth uniformity across the whole substrate. It is capable of many types of processing from a simple etch to multiple angle and/or beam energy etches.

evaporation system NanoTorr-EVAP Thermal Evaporation System with Sputtering

The NanoTorr-EVAP is a high vacuum thermal evaporation system with sputtering. It allows sequential evaporation and co-evaporation of materials without breaking vacuum. DC/RF/Reactive sputtering of materials/dielectrics, plasma cleaning, and high temperature substrate heating and rotation can be done in the same chamber.

plasma cleaning system SpinEtcher Plasma Ashing System

The SpinEtcher is a plasma processing system capable of photoresist ashing using oxygen plasma. The system can accommodate up to 8-inch substrates. The system is designed to provide a wide range of plasma operating conditions. It is ideally suited for research, process development or low volume production.

thermal annealing system SpinTherm High Vacuum Magnetic Thermal Annealing System

The SpinTherm can enhance the performance of spintronics devices, magnetic materials and components. It's fully automated with unlimited user defined recipes. Samples can be thermally treated in temperatures up to 700 C in a uniform magnetic field up to 0.4 Tesla, all in high vacuum environment or inside a special gas with a selected pressure.

magnetron sputter cathode
SpinTron High Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Sources

The SpinTron is a circular magnetron sputtering gun that can have a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6-inch diameter. It can accommodate a wide range of sputtering targets, metallic or insulating, magnetic or non-magnetic. The internal magnetic configuration utilizing a circular rare-earth NdFeB permanent magnet enables excellent film uniformity and target utilization.

substrate heater
SpinLamp Series Substrate/Sample Heaters

The SpinLamp Series is a quartz halogen heater that can have a 1, 2 or 3 lamp(s). It provides up to 1.5 KW of quick response and uniform heating. The SpinLamp Series is designed for ultra-high vacuum applications, ideal for chamber bake-out and sample or substrate heating. The SpinLamp can be powered by the SpinTemp Automatic Temperature Controller.

temperature controller
SpinTemp Automatic Temperature Controllers

The SpinTemp Series is a highly customizable automatic temperature controller. It provides 1.8 KW of linearly adjusted power regulated by precise PID control. The SpinTemp accepts input from thermocouples or RTD and outputs power to a control element. It's a perfect all-in-one temperature control solution.

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