Products: SpinIE Ion Beam Etching System

SpinIE: General Description

Ion beam milling technology has the advantages of excellent control of process rate, control of ion incident angle, and separate control of ion flow and ion energy. Micro Magnetics' SpinIE Ion Beam Etching System is equipped with Veeco ion beam source and a sophisticated water-cooled substrate holder. This substrate holder features a computer-controlled tilt angle, high-conductivity substrate chucks for efficient heat transfer, and a continuous planetary substrate rotation yielding highly uniform processes. The system offers precise surface treatment and etching depth uniformity across the whole substrate. The superior performance is supported by the exceptional stability and beam-uniformity of the ion beam source. The system is capable of many types of processing ranging from a simple etch to multiple angle and/or beam energy etches. The SpinIE uses an easily accessible stainless steel chamber, an oil free ultra-high vacuum turbo-pump, an intelligent ion-beam source controller, and a process computer for the most versatile control and flexibility.

The SpinIE's process computer provides automatic operation and sequencing of the ion beam etching in the system. Full pump down control, venting, sequencing of pump operation is accomplished through the computer with user-friendly interfaces. The process display is on a large flat panel screen, showing system status such as: pump on/off, system pressure, gas flow controller, and status of all valves.


Equipped with Veeco DC Ion Source which offers excellent reliability and process uniformity, providing a wide range of stable operating conditions for large substrate applications.

Equipped with Veeco SOLUS DC Ion Source Controller which features easy to use single button operation, multiple operation options, cutting-edge control for improved plasma stability, integrated and configurable gas flow control, customizable control settings for tailored source operation, time-saving troubleshooting features, and useful events and status logging screen.

Versatile computer control program providing automatic operation and sequencing of the ion beam etching in the system.

14-inch diameter deep horizontal stainless steel cylinder. Mechanically ground and polished inner chamber surface to eliminate virtual vacuum leaks.

Equipped with a CF pump port on the side, with a 3-position pneumatic gate valve for accurate and repeatable process pressure control.

Easy access to the chamber through a hinged front door.

Ion source mounted on a robust slide rail system for easy maintenance.

Equipped with two mass flow controllers, each with a bellow sealed isolation valve on the vacuum side. All gas lines are electropolished, stainless steel with VCR fittings throughout the gas distribution system. All fittings are orbital-welded and passivated to maintain UHP gas distribution.

Equipped with an absolute capacitance manometer and an ion gauge, and an additional convection gauge to control the system roughing line and ensure safe operation.

Equipped with a vent valve for back filling the chamber with either argon or dry nitrogen.

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