Products: NanoTorr High Vacuum Sputtering Deposition System

NanoTorr Series: General Description

The NanoTorr Series Sputtering Deposition System is a high vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition system that allows multiple materials to be sputtered on several substrates at one passing. Standard system is equipped with eight magnetron sputtering cathodes, each can be loaded with a different material to be used to apply thin film coating to the substrate. The NanoTorr Series is a highly customizable, flexible and efficient tool for all thin film coating applications.

Introduction to Magnetron Sputtering Technology


Micro Magnetics proprietary controllable off-axis doubly rotating substrate holder assembly for enhancing thin film coating quality and thickness uniformity.

Capable of holding up to eight 4-inch, 3-inch or 2-inch diameter substrates.

3-Channel sputtering gases: Ar, O2, and N2.

Operating sputtering pressure range: 1 to 50 mTorr in Ar gas.

Sputter sources: up to eight SpinTron Series high vacuum magnetron sputter sources at customer's choice.

Power supplies: up to eight power supplies either DC or RF at customer's choice.

Shutters: each sputter source is equipped with a shutter, either pneumatic shutter or manual shutter at customer's choice.

Base pressure of main chamber: in the 10-8 range.

Optional entry load-lock is available.

Optional RGA system is available.

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