Products: NanoTorr-EVAP High Vacuum Thermal Evaporation & Sputtering System

NanoTorr-EVAP: General Description

Micro Magnetics' NanoTorr-EVAP is a high vacuum thermal evaporation system with sputtering. It's a versatile thin film physical deposition tool. The system can be used to perform thermal evaporation and sputter deposition of thin film materials onto wafers and variously sized substrates. The NanoTorr-EVAP is controlled by highly functional and programmable operating software, with friendly graphics user interface.

The NanoTorr-EVAP allows sequential evaporation and co-evaporation of two materials without breaking vacuum and also allows DC/RF/Reactive sputtering of metals/dielectrics, plasma cleaning and high temperatures substrate heating and rotation in the same chamber for microelectronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications.


Vacuum chamber and frame assembly: 14" stainless steel cube chamber mounted on a stainless steel base plate. An 8" front door with 5" view port and additional source assembly is mounted on bottom of the chamber to hold two crucible for evaporation and two sputter guns for sputtering metals and dielectrics. The vacuum chamber has easy access through the front door and it's easy to clean.

Substrate holder: 4" substrate holder that can rotate at 3, 10 RPM. Temperature of the substrate holder can be controlled up to 700 C.

Optional entry load-lock is available.

Optional plasma cleaning of substrate prior to deposition by applying RF to the substrate holder is available.

Equipped with an SCR controlled temperature controller.

Multi-film thickness monitor and crystal holder are provided for in-situ film thickness measurement.

Pumping package includes a turbo molecular pump and a mechanical pump.

Base pressure is 5 x 10-7 Torr.

Dual crucible evaporators with auto shutter are included, capable of co-evaporating metals, dielectrics or organics and sequential evaporation of two materials.

Two magnetron sputter sources with shutters are included.

The system is equipped with a wide range vacuum gauge which can measure pressures from atmosphere to 10-9 Torr in real time.

200 sccm Ar gas mass flow meter is provided for sputtering.

Solenoid and pneumatic valves are provided for slow and fast vent.

One 1KW DC power supply and one 600W RF power supply are included.

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