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SpinTherm: General Description

Micro Magnetics' SpinTherm-1000 is a High Vacuum Magnetic Thermal Annealing System. It can be used to enhance the performance of spintronics devices, magnetic materials and components. The system is fully automated with unlimited user defined recipes. Magnetic components such as thin films and devices in different shapes and forms can be thermally treated in temperatures up to 700 C and in a strong and uniform magnetic field up to 0.4 Tesla, all in a high vacuum environment or inside a special gas with a selected pressure. The SpinTherm-1000 is designed with many standard features not found on other systems in its price range.

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Stainless steel high vacuum chamber equipped with a front door that seals against a Viton O-ring.

Equipped with multiple ports, including pumping port, roughing and vent ports, heater/temperature sensor feedthrough port, current feedthrough port for internal furnace, and ports for vacuum gauges.

Equipped with three spare ports on the side walls for future use.

Equipped with a 6"- viewport on the front panel of the vacuum chamber.

Equipped with a metal frame with casters and leveling pads for holding the vacuum chamber.

Equipped with a standard 19-inch wide electronics racks for housing all electronics components.

Two pieces of 6" NdFeB magnets mounted on soft-iron magnetic frame structure designed for magnetic field enhancement.

Magnetic field is up to 0.4 Tesla with 2% magnetic field uniformity over a 2" sample cartridge

Enclosed sample metallic cartridge box capable of holding ten 2" silicon wafers.

Integrated and surround heaters for sample cartridge box capable of 450 C with temperature uniformity of better than 1.5%. Optional temperature upgrade to 700 C available.

Built-in thermocouple to monitor interior sample cartridge box.

Thermal isolation unit using Ceraseal to prevent heating the NdFeB magnets.

Other key subsystems/components: Temperature controller with programmable annealing profiles; power supply for sample cartridge heater, pumping system capable of generating high vacuum level, gate valve between the pump and the vacuum chamber, mechanical pump with oil-mist filter, thermocouple high vacuum pressure gauge, and low vacuum gauge.

Safety features: EMO button on the front of the main electrical rack and interlocks.

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