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SpinCoil-CTRL: General Description

Micro Magnetics' SpinCoil-CTRL enables an operator to generate an arbitrary magnetic field vector (Bx, By, and Bz) within the uniform space inside a 3-axis Helmholtz coil system. The magnetic field can be a stationary field pointing to any direction, or a linear/circular oscillating field. The operator can also generate any time dependence for the magnetic field. The system includes a 3-axis Helmholtz coil, three independent power supplies, a computer, and controlling software. It also includes a 3-axis magnetic sensor which can measure the earth field accurately. The system is capable of canceling the earth field inside the 3-axis Helmholtz coil. The controlling software is easy to use, and all functions can be accessed and executed on the Graphics User Interface (GUI). Both DC and AC magnetic fields can be generated. This package is ideally suited to calibrate magnetic sensors and to measure field-dependent properties of materials. It can be used for research and development of biomedical devices, microscopy, magnetic nanoparticles, electronic compasses, MRAMs, MEMS, magnetic shape memory alloys, near-field sensors, micro- and nano-robotics.

Product Brochure

A 3-axis Helmholtz coil designed for CubeSat calibration


Consisting of Tri-axial Helmholtz coils with 7-9-11-inch coil diameters.

Capable of generating magnetic field of 60, 50 and 40 Gauss at DC.

Capable of generating three magnetic components, each component can be either constant or sinusoidal.

Graphics User Interface (GUI) based control software capable of displaying direction/intensity/frequency of magnetic field. Capable of generating linear oscillating fields in any direction or rotational fields in x-y, y-z or z-x planes.

Control software capable of generating arbitrary time-sequenced magnetic fields.

Equipped with data acquisition channel for user to measure the output voltage (Vout) of UUT (Unit-under-Test).

Capable of automatically generating data file in spreadsheet format containing arrays of parameters: time, Bx, By, Bz and Vout.

Equipped with a 3-axis magnetic sensor to detect local ambient earth field.

Capable of automatically cancelling local ambient earth field inside the Helmholtz coils.

Highly customizable. The system can be custom made to meet each customer's requirements. Click here for information on a 3-axis Helmholtz coil system with controller designed for CubeSat calibration.

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