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Micro Magnetics delivered a custom 3-axis Helmholtz coil system with controller for CubeSat calibration to an aerospace research center

Fall River, MA - October 16, 2015 - Micro Magnetics delivered a giant three-axis Helmholtz coil with Controller system (SpinCoil-CTRL-G) to an aerospace research center today. This system is designed for CubeSat calibration application.

The system can generate uniform magnetic field over CubeSat-size objects up to 3 Gauss from DC to 100 Hz. It consists of a custom made giant three axis Helmholtz coil with diameter of 63-inch for the largest pair of coils, three independent power supplies, an industrial computer and Micro Magnetics' proprietary controlling software. The system is capable of measuring and cancelling earth field. The controlling software is easy to use, and all functions can be accessed and executed on the Graphics User Interface (GUI).

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