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Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low-noise preamplification circuitry with adjustable gain
  • Designed for use with Micro Magnetics' STJ-100 DIP-packaged field sensors.
  • Use built-in sensor biasing or input from an external power source
  • Overvoltage protection circuitry
  • Adjustable DC offset voltage
  • On-board application-specific filters allow flexible signal conditioning
  • DC to 1 MHz standard frequency bandwidth
  • Proprietary circuit design allows 100+ dB of power supply and other common-mode noise rejection
  • Includes (110V; 60 Hz) power supply -- no other inputs required

Product Description

The D-801 is a signal amplification board meant for Micro Magnetics' DIP-packaged STJ-100 sensors. The D-801 amplifies and filters the voltage across the sensor and outputs an analog voltage proportional to the magnetic field. The proprietary design of the D-801 allows power supply noise and other common-mode noise across the sensor to be attentuated by over 100 dB.

A switch on the D-801 is used to switch the powering of the sensor from the internal voltage supply to the external supply, which can be introduced through a coaxial connector. The user can tune the DC offset voltage from -10 V to +10 V by turning an adjustment dial. Overvoltage protection on the board prevents the sensor from being subjected to voltages levels above its rated voltage.

The gain of the board is adjustable from 10 to 2000 and the board also contains adjustable signal filters. Each board's gain and filtering characteristics are customized to the user's specifications when assembled. Micro Magnetics' STJ-100 magnetic field microsensors plug directly into the top of the board.

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