TMR Magnetic Field Microsensor


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Features and Benefits

  • Superior field sensitivity of 5 nanotesla
  • Active areas as small as 1x2 microns
  • On-board ESD protection
  • Uses standard DIP package
  • Interface with D-801 electronics package

Product Description

The STJ-100 is a low-field magnetic field sensor with an active (sensing) area of just a few microns (~0.0001") in size. This allows the STJ-100 to detect field signatures from single magnetic particles or microscopic magnetic media. The field sensitivity is 5 nT, which is ten thousand times smaller than the magnetic field of the Earth.

The STJ-100 comes either in an open package (seen at left), so that the sensor can be approached (i.e. with magnetic particles or media), or in an enclosed package with an affixed ceramic lid, for environmental protection. This sensor is designed for seamless interface with Micro Magnetics' D-801 signal conditioning board.

This product is ideal for compassing and navigation and for biological and bio-medical applications.

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