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SpinTemp: General Description

Micro Magnetics' SpinTemp Series is a highly customizable automatic temperature controller. It provides 1.8 KW of linearly adjusted power regulated by precise PID control. The SpinTemp accepts input from thermocouples or RTD and outputs power to a control element. It's a perfect all-in-one temperature control solution for elements with a low cold temperature resistance such as halogen lamp heaters or for inductive loads such as primary controlled transformers.

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Highly customizable automatic control: The SpinTemp uses an automatic tuning PID control loop to achieve the desired process temperature. On time, ramp time, dwell time, cooling, logic input and alarms are all customizable parameters using the easy-to-read display with scrolling text.

Linearly adjusted power regulated by precise PID control: The phase controlled SCR power output drives fast acting and inductive loads. The RMS voltage to the load is linearly controlled with soft start and missed cycle detection features.

Perfect all-in-one temperature control solution.

For use with SpinLamp Series Substrate Heaters.

One-year standard warranty.

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