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SpinField: General Description

The SpinField Series is a set of C-frame electromagnet used to generate 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional magnetic field of arbitrary direction and strength. Magnetic field strength is measured by a pair of magnetic sensors located below the sample-mounting surface. There is one sensor each for the X-, Y- and Z-axis magnetic fields. Each sensor outputs a voltage proportional to the magnetic field along its sensing axis.

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High quality soft iron C-frame construction for minimizing magnetic hysteresis.

Adjustable pole gaps for balancing sample space and field strength.

Finite-element designed platform for enhanced field uniformity.

Excellent thermal management for ambient operation without additional cooling system.


Electromagnet specifications:
Pole diameter: 1.06"
Pole gap: 1.8"
Dimensions: 8.5" dia., 6.5" (h)
Coil resistance: 48 Ohm
Max. current: 1 Amp
Field/Current: 300 G/A
Cooling: Ambient

Magnetic sensor specifications:
Supply voltage (Vcc): 3 VDC
Supply current: 6 mA
Output saturation: Vcc-0.1 V
Sensitivity: 10 mV/G
Quiescent output: 0.5 x Vcc
Noise: 80 mV (peak-to-peak)

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