Low-Noise TMR Magnetic Field Sensor


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Features and Benefits

  • Superior field sensitivity of less than 1 nanotesla
  • Field sensitivity of 5 nanotesla at 1 Hz
  • Compact size
  • Standard SOIC8 package
  • Linear, bipolar response

Product Description

The STJ-240 is Micro Magnetics' low-noise single-axis magnetic sensor in SOIC-8 package. The sensor features Micro Magnetics' low-noise SpinTJ sensor. The die used in the STJ-240 is 0.89mm square and 300 microns thick. The standard SOIC-8 package is compact and easy to use.

The field sensitivity of the STJ-240 is 5 nT/Hz1/2 at 1 Hz and better than 1 nT/Hz1/2 at high frequencies. These values are 10,000 and 50,000 times smaller than the magnetic field of the Earth, respectively.

Micro Magnetics also offers custom solutions -- we design and build custom sensing products which are tailored to the customer's specific application.

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