3-Axis Magnetometer Probe
(Ultrasensitive and Miniaturized)


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Features and Benefits

  • Superior magnetic field sensitivity of nanotesla scale
  • Linear and bipolar response to magnetic field
  • Large magnetic field dynamic range of +/-30 Gauss
  • 3-axis magnetic field measurement
  • Small probe size (mm-scale) with customizable probe length
  • Ultra-low-noise 3 channel signal conditioning with customizable gains
  • Independently selectable sensor bias (fixed DC voltage or arbitrary external voltage)
  • Overvoltage protection circuitry to prolong sensor life
  • Adjustable DC offset voltage for each channel
  • DC to 1 MHz standard frequency bandwidth
  • Proprietary design with CMMR of 100+ dB
  • Universal power supply included, no other inputs required
  • Optional extension cable to extend the range of magnetic field sensing


  • Ultrasensitive magnetic field sensing
  • Static and dynamic measurement of magnetic field
  • Detection of sub-surface magnetic activities
  • Scanning magnetic microscopy
  • Electronic compass and navigation
  • Motion detection (automobile, people, equipment, tagged animals, robots,...)
  • Non-contact sensing of electrical current
  • Smart grid diagnostics
  • Bio-medical devices (cancer detection, baterial/virus identifications,...)
  • Spatial mapping of magnetic field
  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation from ICs, PCBs, and electronic devices
  • Measurement of magnetic spectrum from devices and environment
  • Measurement of earth and geo-magnetic field (Paleomagnetism)
  • Measurement of magnetic properties of nanoparticles
  • Near field magnetic communication

Product Description

The SpinMag3D is Micro Magnetics' 3-Axis Magnetometer Probe Package which contains a 3-axis TMR sensor probe and a 3-channel signal conditioning amplifier. The 3-axis sensor features high sensitivity of 7-20 mV/V/Oe on each axis, large magnetic field dynamic range of 30 Gauss, linear and bipolar response, broad frequency response, and small probe size (mm-scale). The 3-channel signal conditioning amplifier consists of three independent signal conditioning circuits. Each circuit is switchable between a fixed precision DC sensor bias and an external supplied sensor bias. These three sensor biases can be any combination of fixed internal or arbitrary external signals. This signal conditioning amplifier independently amplifies and filters the voltages across each sensor and outputs three analog voltages proportional to the sensed magnetic fields. Together with the 3-axis TMR sensor, the amplifier allows users to quickly implement an extremely flexible 3-axis high resolution magnetic field measurement.

The SpinMag3D independently displays the output voltage of each channel using three analog style digital displays. These displays provide sensor fault and offset level indication. The displays can be turned off to lower system noise using the provided display power switch. User can also use the sensor balance adjustment dials located on the amplifier panel to adjust the DC offset voltage from -10V to +10V. In addition, the SpinMag3D features overvoltage protection function to prevent the 3-axis sensor to be damaged from voltages exceeding the sensor's rating.

The 3-axis magnetic sensor probe can be directly plugged into the Amplifier Module, and connected to an extension cable. If directly plugged, the SpinMag3D Magnetometer Probe Package can be attached to an XYZ motion stage to map the spatial magnetic field. The whole system becomes a highly sensitive scanning magnetic microscope. If an extension cable is used, the SpinMag3D allows the magnetic field measurement over distance, in hard-to-reach regions or harsh environment (temperature, radiation, liquid, gas, etc.)

The SpinMag3D can be custom made to each customer's specifications.

Micro Magnetics also offers custom solutions -- we design and build custom sensing products which are tailored to the customer's specific application.

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