Images showing the domain behavior of permalloy films
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Basic and Applied Research in Magnetism

Understanding the fundamental properties of magnetic materials and devices is a critical step toward developing the next generation of electronic devices. Emerging applications such as magnetic random access memory (MRAM) will require new magnetic characterization tools and techniques to be successful. These tools will require not only high magnetic sensitivity, but also spatial resolution at the nanometer scale, to be able to support the burgeoning field of nanotechnology.

With sub-micron spatial resolution and nanotesla field sensitivity, Micro Magnetics’ scanning magnetic microscopy tools can meet this demanding combination of requirements. In addition, our imaging systems offer a number of advantages over related methods, such as magnetic force microscopy, which make them a superior choice; these advantages include non-invasiveness, flexibility, and the ability to measure absolute field strengths in Oersteds/Gauss. Our magnetic microscopes have already been used to do ground-breaking work on micromagnetic domain structures and electrical current mapping. For more information on these applications, please see the links to the left of the page.

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