20x20 micron field map of digital videotape
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Detection of Magnetic Media and Inks

Magnetic sensors and media are utilized in many of today’s most vibrant industrial segments. Hard-disk drive technology, which has grown at the phenomenal rate of 100% per year, has been enabled by the rapid improvement of magnetic sensors and storage media. Digital and analog video and audio tapes, flight data recorders, and floppy disks, are also all based on the principles of magnetic imaging. In addition, magnetic inks are increasingly being used by governmental agencies in anti-counterfeiting efforts.

Micro Magnetics’ magnetic sensors and imaging technologies are based on next-generation magnetic tunnel junction technology. We have demonstrated the ability to bring to market new products and applications in these areas. If you are interested in working with Micro Magnetics in developing custom solutions for media imaging or currency validation, please contact us at admin@micromagnetics.com.

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